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We Repair and Restore Terrazzo in ~ Cape Coral & Ft Myers ~ Ft Lauderdale
Jacksonville & Gainesville ~ Miami & The Keys ~ Orlando & Daytona ~ Space Coast
Pensacola & Panama City ~ Tallahassee ~ Tampa and West Palm Beach

tampa terrazzo floor repair Terrazzo Floor Repair - Terazo - terrazo - terrazzo - terazzo - teraso; no matter how you spell it, we can rrepair, polish and restore your terrazzo floors to look new again. Terrazzo Repair, remember is very delicate work, and really needs to be done right the first time, so you don't end up paying twice. We can restore, clean or install your terrazzo floors right the first time; or we are sometimes called in to repair the mistakes other contractors have made.

orlando terrazzo cleaning Cleaning Terrazzo Floors - Beware, some common hardware store variety terrazzo cleaning kits can cause more damage than good. Terrazzo is mostly a mixture of marble chips, cement or epoxy, and unless you're skilled enough to know to recognize the parts, then you may be pouring something on that destroys the surface instead of cleaning it. Terrazzo Cleaning needs to be done right the first time, don't take chances with a quick fix that will end up costing you more in the end. We repair carpet tack holes, cracking, stains, and many other problems; let us restore your terrazzo floors back to their original beautiful look.

st pete terrazzo restoration Polishing Your Terrazzo Floors - Have you pulled up your flooring to find an old terrazzo floor? You may only need Terrazzo Polishing!. You'll save time and money by consulting a professional terrazzo contractor. You can contact us by phone or email for a Free Estimate and professional opinion of your terrazzo floors current needs at no extra cost. We really love what we do, and it shows.

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Cape Coral & Ft Myers ~ Ft Lauderdale ~ Jacksonville & Gainesville
Miami & The Keys ~ Orlando & Daytona ~ Pensacola & Panama City
Space Coast ~ Tallahassee ~ Tampa & St Pete and West Palm Beach

We are the most affordable Terrazzo Restoration,
Repair, Cleaning & Installation service in Florida!

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