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We Repair and Restore Terrazzo in ~ Cape Coral & Ft Myers ~ Ft Lauderdale
Jacksonville & Gainesville ~ Miami & The Keys ~ Orlando & Daytona ~ Space Coast
Pensacola & Panama City ~ Tallahassee ~ Tampa and West Palm Beach

Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

Some times when you hire a contractor to install your terrazzo floors, they do more damage than good. When this happens give us a call and we will walk you through the steps of correcting another contractors mistakes. We're the guys contractors call when they have problems, so don't be shy about asking us any questions. Repairs include the fixing of the cracks, stripping, terrazzo cleaning, polishing and sealing the Terrazzo.

Sometimes improper substrate can allow movement. Sometimes it's just shoddy workmanship that causes the terrazzo to fail. We've seen it all! We've seen freshly installed terrazzo with 1/4" lips, and we were able to grind all 2000 sq ft back to a flat condition, following up with terrazzo polishing to a bring out a beautiful shine.

terrazzo floor before repair         terrazzo floor after repair

Often the repair requires an artful fill job that years of experience allow. There are three basic types of terrazzo. Each is compositionally different and the requirements for each vary. So please, call a professional for consultation to evaluate your floor type and condition. It'll save you money more often than not.

Our terrazzo repair contractors service the following Florida areas.
Cape Coral & Ft Myers ~ Ft Lauderdale ~ Jacksonville & Gainesville
Miami & The Keys ~ Orlando & Daytona ~ Pensacola & Panama City
Space Coast ~ Tallahassee ~ Tampa and West Palm Beach
We are the most affordable Terrazzo Restoration, Repair, Cleaning & Installation service in Florida!

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